Bauer chemical-free water treatment

Bauer water treatment provides effective solutions that help you save money, energy and the environment. 

Bring long life to your water pipes!


Bauer water treatment

A Bauer water treatment device modifies the physical properties of water without using chemicals, minimising the limescale and corrosion that impair the function of water pipes and valves, heat exchangers, taps and other equipment. This water treatment softens old limescale and rust deposits, which dissolve and are flushed out of the system. 

The Bauer process changes the crystalline form of limescale and the behaviour of dissolved oxygen. Essential calcium compounds remain in the water with a modified crystalline form and adhesive properties. 

The Bauer water treatment system keeps pipework clean, prolonging the usable life of heating and cooling networks. Clean water and pipes ensure excellent water quality and smooth system operation that is economical, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. 

Do you worry...

about the state of your household water systems? 

whether there are leaks in your own pipes, or in those of similar buildings? 

whether the water pressure has fallen in your pipes? 

whether limescale has damaged your water fittings? 

about the effectiveness of heating and cooling systems? 

whether heating is evenly distributed between apartments? 

whether the heating is insufficient, with low room temperatures? 

whether the thermostats and radiator valves are blocked? 


For household water systems

In heating systems

In cooling systems

Customer experiences


Bauer Solutions Ltd is a Finnish company that was established in 2007 to manufacture and sell Bauer water treatment equipment. The company’s manufacturing and R&D operations are based in Forchheim, Germany.

Bauer water treatment equipment is high quality, durable and environmentally friendly, and the manufacturing operation in Germany is ISO 9001 certified. The equipment is certified to the German GS standard by the Norwegian Nemko safety testing organisation. 

Bauer water treatment equipment has been installed in water supply, heating, cooling and humidification, and industrial process systems at thousands of locations in Finland.