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Bauer Pipejet® installations for large water supply, heating and cooling systems

A Bauer device minimises corrosion and malfunctions of water supply system fixtures and equipment caused by deposits of limescale and rust, prolonging pipe life as such deposits are gradually flushed out of the pipe system. 

The black magnetite deposits that accumulate in the radiator and thermostat valves of heating systems reduce heating power by obstructing the flow of heating water to radiators. 

This problem manifests in underfloor heating systems as uneven heat distribution across floor surfaces, with turbidity visible in manifold flowmeters or even blockage of underfloor heating pipes. The Bauer water treatment process with spin-on filtration eliminates existing sediment and blockages together with resulting heating malfunctions, such as uneven heat distribution in radiators or underfloor heating. 

Bauer water treatment keeps circulating water and heat transfer surfaces clean in geothermal and air-to-water heating systems. Soiled heat transfer surfaces in pumps reduce heating power. 

The problems of cooling systems take the form of reduced cooling power and increased power consumption. 

The main focus when renovating water pipes in old buildings is on replacing water supply, drainage and electricity systems, with less attention often paid to the old heating system. Coupled with high-standard, user friendly Bauer spin-on filtration, a Bauer device enables effective enhancement of maintenance and energy efficiency, even in an old heating system. 

Installation of such an assembly when replacing heat exchangers reduces installation costs while prolonging the service life of the new heat exchanger and any radiator valves that are replaced. A Bauer water treatment device and spin-on filter can be reinstalled in a new heat exchanger package. 

The device is suitable for both new and old buildings, modern or traditional pipe systems, and all pipe materials. The size of the device will depend on the system dimensioning guidelines. 

Bauer installations are a sign of good property maintenance and comfortable living. Reliable, cost-effective water supply, heating and cooling systems are an important aspect of residential comfort. Bauer installations can prolong the service life of pipes by 20 years or more, with the resulting cost savings enabling more urgent repairs in buildings.

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