Bauer water treatment in water supply systems

Bauer water treatment equipment modifies the properties of dissolved minerals that cause water hardness (most commonly calcium and magnesium salts) to prevent them from forming deposits in pipes and plumbing fixtures, and also changes the behaviour of dissolved oxygen. These limescale deposits cause corrosion and point leaks in water pipes. The water treatment process softens them, so that they dissolve and are flushed out with the flow of water. 

Eliminating limescale formation in plumbing fixtures, taps, washing machines, coffee makers and kettles leads to savings in repair and maintenance costs. 

Equipment is easier to clean when limescale can be wiped away, and there is less need to use powerful detergents to achieve good results in washing machines. 

Residences are more comfortable places to live after eliminating fluctuations in water pressure and temperature caused by limescale in pipes. 

Clean water and pipes ensure excellent water quality and substantially prolong the service life of a water supply system. 

The Bauer water supply system comprises a control unit, a signal cable and a water treatment component. The assembly is installed immediately after the water meter, generally in a plant room or building services facility. The device plugs into a 230 V mains electricity supply, with a power consumption of about 35 W for smaller devices and 75–80 W for larger ones. 

Here are some examples of limescale deposits on the inner surfaces of pipes. The Bauer water treatment process softens such deposits, which then dissolve and are flushed out of the system, after which limescale no longer forms.

Frequently asked questions

Why should we install a Bauer device in our water supply pipes?

The Bauer process removes limescale deposits that have accumulated in pipes, minimises corrosion, reduces pipe leaks, and prolongs the service life of a water supply system. Clean pipes supply water of higher quality. 

Where do the limescale deposits go?

The limescale deposits are gradually washed down the drain during normal water use.

Will the pipes begin leaking when the limescale is removed?

Corrosion and scaling do not improve the durability of pipes. Impurities also accumulate in limescale. These may accelerate corrosion and result in pipe leaks. The Bauer process removes such deposits gradually. 

Can dissolved limescale deposits be harmful to drink?

Limescale deposits dissolve slowly, mixing with the flow of fresh water in very small quantities. They are not harmful to health, consisting mainly of natural minerals dissolved in the water. 

How does Bauer water treatment affect the quality and flavour of water?

The taste of water is affected by limescale and dissolved metals from pipes. The quality of water improves and the flavour remains good and fresh when limescale deposits are removed, when they can no longer form, and when metal corrosion is prevented. 

Are Bauer systems installed in new buildings and pipes, and when renovating old water systems?

These devices are installed in new properties at the construction stage, and in new pipes when renovating old water systems.