Bauer water treatment in heating and cooling systems

Bauer water treatment equipment modifies the properties of dissolved minerals that cause water hardness (most commonly calcium and magnesium) to prevent them from forming deposits in pipes and plumbing fixtures, and also changes the behaviour of dissolved oxygen. These limescale deposits cause corrosion and point leaks in water pipes. 

The Bauer water treatment process with spin-on filtration clears rust and limescale deposits from heating and cooling systems, and prevents new deposits from forming. Clean heat transfer surfaces and water ensure optimal heat transfer performance. 

A smooth flow of clean water in a heating and cooling system also maintains the desired system balance, avoiding the need for periodic rebalancing due to impurities. 

Smooth operation of a heating and cooling system saves money on heating and maintenance, reduces fault alarms, and makes residences more comfortable places to live. 

A Bauer heating system comprises a control unit, a signal cable and a water treatment component. When used in closed heating and cooling systems, the Bauer device also includes a sediment filter that is easy to operate and maintain. 

The device plugs into a 230 V mains electricity supply, with a power consumption of about 35 W for smaller devices and 75–80 W for larger ones. 

Here are some examples of limescale build-up in heating systems. A spin-on filter removes magnetite and rust deposits from the system.

Frequently asked questions

Will radiator and thermostat valves become blocked as the flow of hot water in radiators detaches limescale deposits?

The Bauer process dissolves limescale deposits into tiny particles that do not block the valves. Any sediment arising in a closed system collects in a specially installed filter. 

How does the Bauer system make heating and cooling systems more efficient?

Clean water and clean heat transfer surfaces ensure optimal heat transfer performance. Even a very thin layer of limescale greatly reduces heat transfer utility function, requiring more energy to transfer heat through the insulating layer. Removing biofilm and bacteria significantly improves cooling performance in cooling systems. 

Can the Bauer system be installed in both metal and plastic pipe systems?

The Bauer system is suitable for metal and plastic pipe systems used in heating and cooling systems. It is suitable for initial installation and retrofitting, modern and traditional pipe systems, and all pipe materials. 

Where will the device be installed?

The Bauer assembly is plumbed into the heating system, usually in a plant room or building services facility. The property may be connected to a district heating network, or to electric heating, an oil or wood pellet boiler, a heat pump, or some other source of heating. 

Does changing the filter cartridge require special skills?

No special skills are required to change the filter cartridge. A building superintendent or ordinary resident may change the cartridge by following clear instructions provided with the device, and our separate guidance where necessary.